Be Calming Down Small Small

Not quite long ago, a video surfaced online and the video went viral, in that video, a boy and his mum were displayed where the boy is begging his mum to forgive him by asking/telling his mum to calm down, meaning, to rest and take a break.

I guess you all saw the little boy advising his mum, funny right?
Just as the little boy advised his mum to be calming down small small, you also need that advise, you also need to be calming down small small.

Now truth is, that was a very important health advice.
Brother, you want to hit big by age XYZ and you work yourself up till the last fibre. Early birds and Late nights, extra deals beyond the usual, No rest, no leisure 24/7.

Bills to pay, dream home to buy and overseas vacation are beckoning, yet the only strength you’ve got now is in your mind. Please be calming down small small.

Sister, you are pace setter, you are out to prove to the world all that you can be. To be the best mum, wife and have an excellent career too, so you too won’t rest. Deep down you know your body is telling you to pause, but no, There’s is no room for rest, it’s a sign of laziness and that’s not in anyway your thing. Please be calming down small small.

Do not forget that rest is an essential part of life, even God needed Adam to rest from his busy schedule to give him Eve. Pull out, close that laptop, decide not to take extra work home, take a shower, eat and sleep. We can always continue tomorrow because tomorrow will never end except you die. Don’t die today.

Be calming down small small, Ok?

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