Embracing Alcohol Is So Uncalled For

When an attitude is formed and becomes irresistible, it automatically becomes a behaviour. When one takes Alcohol, the metabolism changes and the output of the mind becomes a violent product.

Some people can get drunk, feel delusive and repress the effects, forgetting that the content of their heart determines the height of their character.

Some people would say, we know our gauge forgetting that an Alcohol’s continuous intake will generate strange numerous developmental stages….. from one cup to 2 cups, from one bottle to 2 and more bottles.

Excess consumption of Alcohol changes our mind, our perceptions, makes us feel hallucinated and never to recognise the laws, societal norms and individual principles.

When a drunkard breaks these laws, societal norms and principles, then he or she would be held responsible for being irresponsible in the society.
When a drunkard loses his or her respect and job, he or she then faces a financial menopause instead of menoplay and his or her demands then declines from HeineDavid to Guilder, from Guilder to Vodka, from Vodka to Ogogoro, from Ogogoro to Captain Jack, and then from Captain Jack to Spirit (which contains a very high quantity of ethanol).

If Ogogoro and her family subjects him or her to grave, then we will all end up concluding that the village witchcrafts and native botulism have rose again.

Parents who train their children with Alcohol are raising them up to become a global social mess.
The consumption of Alcohol is dangerous to our health, so, let us all do everything within our power and jurisdiction to make sure that we avoid Alcohol at all means.
Like the saying goes thus “health is wealth” a healthy man is a wealthy man.
Be responsible for your health and your mental wellbeing, be intentional, be Alcoholic-free!

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