Everything In Its Time

Everything in this world obey the law of time. Going by the law of time, there are time designated specially for some things to occur in this world and unless the time comes, some things may never come to pastEven the Holy book (The Bible) emphasis more on time. There is time for everything, no matter how urgently you so uch desire or needs something, you have no choice other than to wait for the perfect time to come.

I remember as kids, we boys yearned for our first beard such that we would buy and apply methylated spirit on our face just to grow side burns and some strands of hair. Yet, despite our efforts, more often than not, we didn’t get it when we wanted it. However, years later, when it was time, it effortlessly appeared and today most of us are even tired and tend to dread the time and money spent in maintaining a good hair cut and a clean shave.

Likewise, in my life, I’ve observed that sometimes I work and pray for certain things but most times they do not happen when I want them to and I get frustrated. However, in due time and with maturity, these opportunities naturally come with little or no labour and most of the exploits I make today are simply a rippling effect of the hard work I put in years ago in pain and obscurity.

Life is like that. You can pray for rain during the dry season and it may never come. But during the rainy season, not even your prayers can stop the rain from falling. Everything in it’s time. So as you work, yearn and crave for certain things or opportunities and it’s still not coming, take pride in the fact that you’ve given it your best and perhaps it’s just not time. More so, don’t stop sharpening your axe and aiming at your goal because when it is time, no power in the universe can stop you from shining.

The next time you are in a hurry to make things happen and it’s not working out. Remember, there is time for everything and for sure, your time will come too, so, if you have been waiting for your perfect time, keep waiting and keep hoping, your perfect time will come. Shalom

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