Never Cut The Flow

Never Cut The Flow
I just got connected with this exceptional guy, he has a very powerful personality. And you know that ideology a friend to your friend is most likely to be your friend. That was how he became really close with my friends too.

At first, each time we engage in an argument or got talking.
I and my friends will be forced to keep quit and listen to his point.
Don’t get me wrong it’s not a matter of inferiority complex, it’s just that he has this captivating way he talks and approach issues that has the ability of drawing the attentive spirit of anyone no matter the size or gender.

But as months passed, we not just me, found out some thing about him. In every discussion we had he is fond of repeating the same story line and expressions for different topics. we got so used to every of his line. that we virtually could say the story or expression he will most likely use in the start or end of any discussion or argument.

This became a vice against him, though his personality was great. however, his contribution to our discussions was know longer weighty such that before he will start or finish his story, one of us would have helped him summarized it.

As time goes on, in the heat of every argument or discussion his contributions became less. That’s how it is with complacence or not growing. It’s doesn’t matter how good you are, you depreciate in relevance if what you bring to floor is always the same old story.

No matter how entertaining a song is, it must fade away with time. If the singer of the song feel complance with his record hit for too long, he will also fade away with the song.

To continue to remain in the center stage of life, you must always have something relevant or new to offer.Just like the love of God is new every morning. Our growth mindset should always be on the moving train.
Everything changes with time, the living and non living component can attest to that. So if don’t embrace the growth mentality in your career or business expect to fade away like a pressing iron unplugged from a light socket. The change effect is not felt immediately. but with time it will know longer be able to produce result.

No matter how long a river has existed, the day it water dries up no body visit it again the nearest stream becomes the most treasured.
The depth of your knowledge base is never a guarantee to remain a champion it is your growth system that Is determinant of it all.
Our worth is priced by the measured of value we give out. Never shot the door of growth if you must remain in the system for long. Shalom.

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