Stop Making Noise Amidst Crowd

Stop Making Noise Amidst Crowd.
Grumbling has never been a solution, acting is. When you find yourself in an environment that demeans your potentials, say No and walk away.
Time is of utmost importance that you cannot allow yourself manage a situation that makes no impact in your life.

The world is filled with people who has rendered themselves choiceless as such becomes vulnerable to negative experiences.
Do you know what lack of courage does to you?
It makes you look pathetic. Pathetic youths who complain at terrible job experiences but do nothing than waste energy and succumb to pressures that takes away peace of mind.
Pathetic ladies who are in abusive marriages and relationships but stick around with high hopes and flip over the page where options are made available.

I would rather have you define Laziness as the ability to settle for the unfavorable due to fear of the unknown.
A winner learns how to switch roles and get to the finishing line.
If you can jump, do.
If you can walk, do.
If it requires talking, find the right words but never complain and do absolutely nothing.

You’ll be surprised at the kind of strings you can pull when you get serious identifying what you want out of life.
Look at your palms, tell it what you need it to hold tight and why; if it holds something differently, throw it away, caution it and strive to acquire that which take you on a journey to fulfillment.

Rather than complain, keep wisdom handy.

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