The Wrong And The Right Reason

The Wrong And The Right Reason.
Everything we do in life is for a reason. Consciously or otherwise, you and I do everything with a particular reason.
For example, you venture into business to make profit.
You buy that expensive phone because you want to fit- in in what is trending in the world.
You go to school to acquire knowledge. You eat to gain strength.
You dance because it makes you feel happy. And so on and so forth.

Personally, I don’t have any issue with whatever thing you choose to do, but, with the reason behind your doings.
Sometimes, and most often, we find ourselves doing something for weak reasons. We do things because of instant gratification.

A perfect example of what I am saying here is when you choose to take alcholic drink just to feel high.
You choose to accept that man’s proposal simply because he is handsome with a pointed nose and shinny beards.
Will you eat handsome and pointed nose when you get married to him ?
How strong is he when it comes to love?

Dear friend, think about all you have been doing since last ten years, last year, month ,or even yesterday. Also think about the things you are doing right now.
What is the reason behind it ?

Is that reason strong enough to help you achieve greatness in life?
Does it align with your God’s purpose for your life?

The friends you keep, the church you attend, the work you do , the school you go, that phone you just bought, what exactly is your why for each of them?

Now let me tell you something.
Your job, businesses, relationship and everything else you do is for a reason.

You could have a strong reason for all you do but it could be a wrong one.
Let me explain. You see, if your reason for anything you do is not in alignment with God’s reason, then yours is wrong and it need to be changed.

For example, you may decide to marry simply because your spouse is beautiful or because she is good in bed.
You want make money so that you can intimidate that your wicked uncle who refused to help you when you needed it.
You apply for a job just because of the huge amount of money involved.
All these are example of wrong reasons.

The only way to live a life of true happiness and satisfaction, is to do things with the right reasons.
I know you may be asking, how will I know the right reasons?
Calm down, I will tell you. It is very simple.

To know the right reasons, you must discover your purpose in life. God made you, He has a reason for making you.
The ultimate reason for all the resources (money, car, house etc) at your disposal today is made available for you to find out your purpose and live it.

If you find out your purpose on Earth, everything else you do will have a direction.
Your choice in life will be driven by your purpose in life.

The big question now is:
Do you know your purpose on Earth?
It is then that your relationship will have meaning.
Your job will have meaning.
Your marriage will have meaning.
Your life in general will have meaning.

Dear friend, whatever you want to do, do it for the right reasons.
Only then you will have peaceful life.

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