Time Is A Propeller For Success

Time Is A Propeller For Success
In as much the world still exist time is indispensable.
Everything in life answers to time, nature has been arranged to adhere to time.
There are principles and laws that governs time.

The understanding of the power and purpose of time is what makes the difference in man’s life.
When you understand that time is limited and irreversible.
You will learn to manage time effectively and adequately.

However, many people today are curious about time management and goal setting, without the understanding of the power of time.
Irrespective of how hard you can work, if it is not your time to shine you won’t.
You can know all the influential people in the world, but you will not breakthrough if your time hasn’t come.
Everyone time is different.

You may feel like quitting, you have tried everything but nothing to show.
You have attended several seminars, bought books, paid for masterclasses but the result is not coming.You have organized several free programmes, volunteered and you have not gotten any opportunity.

Maybe your hard earned money has been spent on social works or activities but to no avail.
No accolades, award or recognitions.

I want you to know that everybody has his own time, your time will come!!
Your time to succeed is nearer; don’t quit.
You may be facing discouragements, insult and all sorts of embarrassments because of one thing or the other.

Your mates are succeeding, getting a lot of money, getting married etc
But you are struggling to succeed or make ends meet.
I’m writing this post to encourage you and tell you, your own time will come. If you don’t give up!!

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