What Is Your Big Idea?

What Is Your Big Idea?
Sometimes ago, I met a lady, Sophie, she said to me that she knows deep down she is meant for more better than what she is currently doing.
I asked her one simple question, what idea does she have❓
She looked at me like what are you talking about. She said, “l know I am made for more but you are asking me about the idea”. She answered me with this question: What is the correlation between idea and doing more❓

Are you like Sophie❓
It does not matter which stage you are at your business or career at the moment. It is very important to first develop this big idea in order to drive your businesses or career.

“Every successful business is powered by a big idea”. You will not be charged or write an exam or buy a licence for your ideas. The only thing you need to do is to think in order for you to power your business with your big idea.

Project your mind into that of the customer to think about what that person really needs and then put it into action. Make everything you do, say, write or make be fully consistent with that big idea.

This big idea I am talking about is your core belief – what you or your brand stand for. This will help you create a very strong message or story that will differentiate your brand from your competition. It will help you attract the attention of customers that will buy your products or services thereby generating revenues.

Another angle to look at a big idea is: what do you want your customer or client to resonate with your brand?
Ask yourself these questions:
What are you passionate about?
What can you be a leader in?
What impact can you make?
What do you want your brand to look like?

I will put an end to my article here and I will end this article by asking this question: what is your big idea?

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