Your Name Is Your Logo

Your Name Is Your Logo
Yes you heard me really good your name is your logo.
Have you ever had a thought on how one would bear a very terrible name and still achieve greatness in life?, have you ever thought of the name “Makanjuola” which means don’t be in an hurry to achieve greatness, but we see people bearing this name making it in their youthful age.

Your name might be terrifying and even making you scared, but there Is one thing you must know is “you were born to live through your name and not to be living in your name”.

No matter how great your name is if you are living a life against the meaning of your name you have certainly change the meaning of that great name and same goes vice versa.

For instance, a son was welcomed into a new family and was giving the great name David, yes David a great king in the bible with so many victories over battles. If our David ends up living the life of a nuisance, living like a Marlians, he has certainly change the meaning of his own David to the meaning of Marlians.

If we also have a boy giving birth to and was named Marlians right from birth, but at the long run, Marlians strived hard in seeking purpose and achieving greatness like king David, he has certainly change the meaning of his own Marlians to David.

Look critically at this two illustration and have a change of thought towards your name. Let not encounter trial and probably fail and give all the blame on our name, our name was giving to us.
We were not giving to our names so what should we be a subject to an object given to us.

Our name all have meaning both good and bad, but it is left for us to do good of our names, to live through our names and not living by our names.
Our names is our logo, our brand, our identity.

No matter how good the meaning of your name is, without great value and strive to achieve your goals and achieving greatness, your name is taking you no where, it just like an organization, with a good building,very attractive logo, but this organization lack good customer service, good product, and good branding, that company is going nowhere, in a short while they would fold up, due to lack of putting in measures to attain good customer relationship and knowing where improvement is needed in there product, the fold up and get disvalued even with their big building and attractive logo.

This is what you name does for you if you don’t add value to it, It disvalue the real you, it diminish the trust others have in you.
Add value to a bad name and see how fast it would make you achieve greatness.
If you are named King strive to be a god.
If you are named Slave strive to be a King.
Because the more you strive for success the more greater you become.

Never be bound to limit because of the meaning of your name.
Live beyond the norms, even those surrounding your name.
Found value?
Let us know about your opinion in the comment box, thanks!

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