All You Know Is Never Enough

All You Know Is Never Enough
Imagine thinking that you have a good knowledge of a subject matter but only to step out of your comfort zone to realized that all you know is not all there is.

Sometimes we need to be very careful so as not to be tricked by self-confidence that we know enough whereas there are still more to be known.

If you are to go for an interview in a school as a computer teacher and you are been asked two simple questions that gives you an opportunity to sale your self.

How long have you been a computer teacher ?
Which Tech skills can you teach ?
And all you can answer is; I have been a computer teacher for 3 years and I can teach MS-Word, Basic Excel, and Power Point, wow that’s absolutely great but will only make you lose the job and not your village people. You see the world have gone beyond the level of knowing just Office Packages in Tech.

Wether you are into Technology or not, it’s a call to action to embrace Technology now before it becomes to late. You got to know at least one of the 21st Century Tech Innovation Skill.

How often do you get yourself updated in your field ?
Remember is either you aligned to the Innovations of the time or be left behind.

Get a Tech Innovation Skill today.
Develop and keep developing yourself.
The day you stop learning, is the day you will become obsolete.

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