All You Need To Know About Attitude

All You Need To Know About Attitude
Attitude is an inward feeling expressed by outward behaviour (John Maxwell).
Just like the definition been put out by John Maxwell, I will go inline with that definition to say that attitude is what defines you and shapes your approach to life.

Attitude can be an asset or a liability.
Many things has happened to us because of our attitude to things.
A negative attitude becomes a liability that ultimately leads to the downfall of your progress, while positive attitude becomes an assets that leads to your zenith.

The worlds definition for progress is rated with skills and talent, these are good, but are not enough to put you up there if you have a negative attitude. Nobody will want your perfect skills if your attitude is the opposite.

If you don’t know the value of what you have, you can’t carry it with grace, you’ll lose it in no time. Attitude is everything.

Take for instance, two men with same level of great skill and wonderful talent, but one has good attitude and the other bad attitude. Leave them and come back in ten years time, there will be far distance between the two. 

Know this, a wrong attitude can leave you at one spot. A wrong attitude will affect you in all areas of life either positively or negatively.
Never forget that your performance is checked with attitude.
Matt 25:14-30
Listen well, a man with negative attitude but perfect talent can not go farther than the one with less talent but positive attitude, vice-versa.

You need to put out an extra effort to have a positive attitude today, will you?

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