Costly Mistake To AVoid While Getting Your Company Logo

Costly Mistake To AVoid While Getting Your Company Logo
I believe that if you understand something better and well enough you would be wise enough to avoid the bad end of it.
When you are ready to get logo for your company or firm you should be able to know the difference between a mockup and a real logo.

A mockup is to make a simple copy of something that you will later make or do properly, in order to test it or show people what it will be like.
In other words, a mockup is a prototype if it provides at least part of the functionality of a system and enables testing of a design.
Another names for mockup are copy, fake, duplication, lookalike and reduplication.

While a logo is a combination of text and visual imagery that serves two purpose. It tells people the name of your company and it creates a visual symbol that represents your business.
In other words, it is a symbol or small design adopted by an organization to identify it’s products, uniform, vehicles, etc.

A mock up always look attractive but a good graphic designer will tell you straight ahead that it is not professional to use it in place of logo and yes! It is not.

I feel bad when I see professionals and people of value settle for a mockup as their company logo and not that this mockup is designed for free. No, people still pay money to get it carved for them.

I tried to explain to one of my client a certain time that this type of logo is not actually a logo but a mockup and it’s not professional. She still maintained her stance that it is what she want (funny right?).

Have you taken out time to check other big company’s logo and find out what it looks like? Companies like… Pepsi, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and others?
If you are hoping to be at the top tomorrow that mistake can pour sand into your garri.

So, if you are already using this mockup in place of a logo, you can still change and upgrade. And please bring out money and pay a professional to do it for you.

Some will even go to extent of adding numbers and address. It is very wrong. You see, instead of that, get a businesses card.
Don’t get a mockup in place of logo to deny you that business opportunity that will upgrade your company.

Note :- I am not saying mockup is bad. No, you can still have it but let it not be your logo. And even if you should have it, resist the urge to add your contact and address. If you really need a contact and address stuff then get a business card.
Hope you got value?
Any question, addition and suggestions?
Let’s see them at the comment section.

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