How To Make Money As a Content Creator

How To Make Money As a Content Creator.
As a Content Creator, you might be very skilled and knowledgeable about what you do but you don’t know how to offer your skills or use to make money.
In this post, I will be talking about three categories of services you can offer and make money from it. Those three (3) categories are as follows:

1. DFY Services :- This means “Done for You” services. As a Content Creator, this kind of services usually come in form of creating content for blogs, social media handles, ebooks and so on.
The “Done for You” services are services been offered to people and in return you get money for offering such services. Just as I have explained above, if you create a meaningful, engaging and highly valued content for blogs, brands, etc, you will be rewarded for doing so and the reward is money (cash). So, “Done for You” services are services you offer to people to get reward (money/cash).

2. DIY Services :- This means “Do it yourself” services. These are services that the client just have to do by themselves by using a guide or workbook you have created.
For instance, if you are to create a Youtube channel now and you don’t have the technical know-how of doing it, you have to either head on to Google to download ebooks or you go to Youtube to watch videos and when you do that, you learn how to create a Youtube channel yourself and as a Content creator, you then put everything you have learnt and know about “how to create a Youtube channel” in a guide or ebook so that next time someon wants to create a Youtube channel, theybhave to buy your guide/ebook to guide them on how to do so, that is a “Do it yourself” services.

3. DWY services: This means “Done with you” services. These are services a Content Creator can offer to a client and go through the process with a client.
Examples are one on one private sessions or coaching calls, master classes and so on.
Consider this scenario whereby you a clients want to create a Paypal account that sends and recive money in Nigeria and the client lacks the technical know-how but, you as a content creator, you already have an ebook guide on that and at the same time, you go through the ebook guide and the entire Paypal creation stage with the client, that is a “Done with you” services.

As a content creator, now, imagine how much you would make if you get at least one client each in all of these categories.
If you’re a content creator, get back to your work desk, make a list of services you can offer and how you can offer them. Put a price on them(you know what you’re worth).
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