Not Everyone Will Become Ceo

Not Everyone Will Become Ceo
Socrates woke up one day and said, ‘Man, know thy self’.
Well, I am not an investigative panel, so, I am not here for investigation and because of that, i won’t do much inquiry into that statement, but the first mark to stay relevant is knowing yourself. Let me put it to you like this…”not everyone will become a CEO”.

Don’t get freaked by that title. It is not meant for everyone.
Some of us will do exceeding great working for initiatives, innovating ideas, and get millions. Life is as simple as that.

You need to know what exactly is your ‘thing’. This is one of the steps to self discovery and purpose fulfilment.
Some of us are naturally not business-oriented. We don’t like lobby to get people to buy our stuffs. We are convenient sitting somewhere, making great plans and strategies for people, and getting paid for our ideas.

Some of us will be better entrepreneurs selling groceries to insurance.
Some of us will do well selling digital products than selling farm produce.
The bottom line?

Don’t do any business outside the scope of your knowledge, skills and passion. Hope you got value?

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