What You May Not Know About Impact

What You May Not Know About Impact
What comes to your mind when you hear/see the word ‘impact’?
Do you imagine being heard by many, speaking on public platforms, writing several books as impact?
Let me tell you this: you do not need a big stage, large platform to impact people. You can do it from that little corner of yours.

Impact means causing positive changes in peoples lives.
Have you been able to do that to people around you?
From that little corner of yours?
Or are you waiting to be invited to a public event to speak before you begin your journey to impact?
Start where you are!

There are people around you who need your light, give it to them.
Try to be a positive change agent to people who know you.
Let no one meet you and remain the same.
Invest in people’s growth and development, talk sense into them.
Believe me when you are able to do this, you are making impact.
When you are able to start from where you are, using what you have…..you have made impact.

Everyone you admire making impact started this way too.
They didn’t just appear on stage…..they followed a process, a process you have to follow too.
So before the glamour, stages, crowd come…….start with the people around you and be a light to their dark parts. Shalom!

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