Your Passion Is Not Enough

Your Passion Is Not Enough
I remember the first time I tried my hands on computer programming. I felt on top of the world when my HTML code displayed ‘hello world!’ on the browser.

It was like a dream come true. Lolz. Something was triggered in me that altered my bearing that day.
I was in 300L back then observing my 6 months SIWES program at an Health Centre. On getting back to school, I had to shelve the idea to focus on biochemistry full time. A mistake I wished I could undo. I loved the course but it wasn’t my thing. I wanted computer stuff badly.

But as one of the most brilliant students from onset, I had to maintain that record until the race is won.
Fast forward to service year 2018, digital marketing was becoming a distant friend.

Thankfully, Google’s Mind the Gap program at NYSC camp up the ante for me. Got Google certified. Established my own Digital Media Company. It was a divine corollary.

As the only staff in my company, I kept doing what I know to do best in my little corner: web design/development, graphics, MS office mastery, digital marketing etc.

With all my skills, I was still cashless. Allawee was my main source of livelihood after God. Obviously, passion is not enough.
By the counsel of a great man I met, I took action. Organised Computer Appreciation masterclass (corpers only). Guess what? It was a huge success. Got dazzling testimonies and faithful and succeeding students till date.

I had always assumed that my knowledge of digital media was a common knowledge. Not knowing that some graduates can’t even distinguish between Microsoft word and Excel. Surprised or amused? So was I.
It was after the masterclass that I realised a vital truth: if you don’t show up, you’re like a voiceless preacher in front of millions of people.
You don’t have to know everything. The little you know is a world of knowledge to another person. Activate and reward your passion with action.

Today, when people hear that I studied biochemistry, they’re like ‘what?! How come?!’. I can’t explain how, myself. I just find myself gravitating towards everything that has to do with digital intelligence. I do my job with passion and money flows like a river.

Though I’ve co-authored biochemistry article that featured in a top world journal, I know where my passion truly lies.
By God’s grace, my growing Digital media company has won a number of (mini) contracts, still counting steadily. Thanks to my lovely team.

So, how about you? What’s your passion? Is it profitable materially and/or spiritually? Then find a way around it.
‘The labour of the foolish wearieth every one of them, because he knoweth not how to go to the city.’ says the scriptures.

Don’t just work, be smart.
Glad you followed me to this point.
You’d be doing me a great favour if you don’t only follow your passion but also take action… thereby turning your passion into massive profits.

Let me know in comment section below your ‘passion-to-profit’ strategy. Or let’s just talk about how you can monetize your passion. Shall we?

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